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Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza

In recent years, an increase in outbreaks of avian influenza can be seen around the world. Together with Newcastle disease, avian influenza belongs to the avian diseases which are notifiable according to the OIE.

In general, avian influenza can be divided into two types: low and high pathogenic. Measures and trade restrictions differ between these two types, as low pathogenic strains have less impact on the animals itself and no risk for humans, where high pathogenic strains are more destructive and can cause illness in humans.

The European Union has strict legislation laid down on how to monitor for, prevent and eradicate avian influenza. This is based on international guidelines provided by the OIE. The individual member states have incorporated this in their national law and some (such as the Netherlands) take even more strict measures.

This infographic shows the measures which are taken in the Netherlands once an outbreak is suspected.