Use of antibiotics reduces even further

2019-07-15T00:25:26+00:00 July 15th, 2019|

Since 2009, the Dutch poultry sector is working on reducing the use of antibiotics. Unregulated use of antibiotics can lead to the development of resistant bacteria, creating serious problems for the animal and human health care.

In 2018, the use of antibiotics has agreed another 3% compared to 2017. This is reported by the Dutch Animal Health Service.
The use of so-called third-generation antibiotics has decreased with 68% since 2014. These third-generation antibiotics pose the highest risk of creating resistant bacteria, so it is highly important to strictly limit this use.

In the Netherlands, the project is not only aimed at the broiler farms, but on the entire production chain. Parent stock on multiplier farms and breeding stock are all strongly monitored and the use of antibiotics has decreased strongly.