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2Sisters Storteboom B.V.

A company with a history since 1904!

Storteboom has a long history; in 1904, Mr T. Storteboom left with his cargo bike to the local market to sell poultry. In the course of the 20th century he and his family built the company that is now one of the largest players in the Netherlands. In 2010 the company was taken over by the British food-multinational 2 Sister Food Group, a leading group of companies within the British food industry. More than 23.000 colleagues from 36 nationalities. In recent years, under the name 2 Sisters Storteboom B.V., it has developed into what it is today; a modern concern with a European and even worldwide clientele.

The mission of 2 Sisters Food Group is “Help feed the nation”. We at 2 Sisters Storteboom are happy to join this mission with our beautiful range of chicken products!

At the moment, 2 Sisters Storteboom has 7 branches in Europe, of which 6 in the Netherlands and 1 in Poland. This yields a capacity of 4 million chickens per week, resulting in a production of 1,750 MT fillet product per week. In addition, 2 Sisters Storteboom delivers 800 MT product to retail and ‘further processed’ product per week. All of this is done with about 2,500 employees.


2 Sisters Storteboom’s method is characterized by absolute control on all parts of the chain. Every step in the process is checked and recorded. We have documented the origin and processing processes of each piece of chicken we deliver. We have the control from egg to consumer; we have complete traceability.

The company culture can be characterized as: direct, open, flexible, innovative and progressive.

The management is formed by:

Harm Laros – Managing Director

Evert Sijbesma – Commercial Director

Arno Dekkers – Director Operations

Martine Onderdijk – Director Corporate Affairs

Jeroen Floris – Commercial Director Retail

Gerwin van ‘t Hul – Concern Controller

Production process

At the moment we are active in the Netherlands from six locations. The slaughterhouses are based in Kornhorn and Putten. Nijkerk houses the two filleting companies and in Zeewolde there is a plant for further processed products and retail. Recently, 2 Sisters Storteboom opened a location in Barneveld where heated meat products are produced.

We exclusively work with high-quality production processes. In both slaughterhouses we work with gas stunning, with a lot of attention for animal welfare. All production locations are equipped with the latest technologies and innovations.

Quality and sustainability

The quality and maximum safety of the product are achieved, among others, by a purchasing policy aimed at chain management, detailed product specifications and good manufacturing techniques with efficient methods for quality assurance.

Our passion for quality and food safety is at the core of everything we do. We supply products that meet all (legal) requirements with regard to food safety. We strive to be the most reliable partner by supplying high-quality products and applying the latest technology.

Our company is acknowledged by a large number of quality systems: the Better Life quality mark, BRC, Halal, IFS, IKB, ISO 14001, McDonalds, LGK, NSK and QS. We have our own accredited laboratory where our quality products are continuously monitored.

2 Sisters Storteboom participates in the Convenant MJA3. This means that we are making efforts to achieve a 30% energy-efficiency improvement in the period from 2005-2020. Our locations also have the environmental certification ISO 14001.

In order to be able to make a positive contribution to the viability of the surroundings of our sites, we pay attention to water purification, air purification, processing/recycling of waste flows and noise-reducing measures.

In addition, 2 Sisters Storteboom is also active in promoting more sustainably produced raw materials. 2 Sisters Storteboom is a member of the Round Table on Sustainable Soy (RTRS) and from 2015 onwards, has RTRS soy in its production stream.


2 Sisters Netherlands specializes in chicken and chicken products. In the United Kingdom, 2 Sisters has a larger assortment, such as biscuits, pizza and fish. However, the emphasis is also on chicken (products).

We supply all fresh and frozen poultry products, such as fillets, cubes, strips, organs, bone-in products such as chicken leg quarters, legs, thighs, drums, wings, thigh meat etc. Both IQF and block frozen, retail, foodservice or bulk packaging. Petfood material such as viscera, heads and legs milled, cooled suitable for tank transport.