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Clazing Export Slaughterhouse

A company with a history since 1967!

A modern poultry slaughterhouse in the west of the Netherlands that supplies customers in a large number of countries in Europe with a wide range of excellent chicken products; that is Exportslachterij Clazing. Our entire production is Halal certified; both the slaughterhouse and the sister companies. We use an electric water bath to stun the animals and (mainly) manual slaughter. A high-quality and fresh product (frozen is possible) is what Exportslachterij Clazing supplies. Our modern slaughterhouse meets all requirements regarding food safety and hygiene. The logistic process is coordinated in such a way that poultry slaughtered in the morning will be on its way to the customer in the afternoon.

The company was founded in 1967 by G.J. Clazing and has remained a family business ever since. The slaughter of about 800 chickens per day with 10 employees laid the foundation for the company. Today, the two sons (Wim and Adrie Clazing) are managing directors of the company that, throughout the years, has grown at the location where it all started in 1967. The last major expansion of the building was realized in 2006. In 2013, an expansion of the company took place through the acquisition of Mr. John, which makes a variety of cooked poultry products like sandwiches, nuggets, hot wings and pizza toppings. Currently the complete company consists of the following locations:
– Clazing Export Slaughterhouse BV, Bierhoogtweg 17 in Zevenhuizen (ZH). Slaughterhouse.
– Clazing Poultry Cutting Plant BV, Bierhoogtweg 13 in Zevenhuizen (ZH). Production Döner meat.
– Clazing Ready to Eat Products BV (trades as Mr John), Bierhoogtweg 27 Zevenhuizen (ZH). Production cooked products.
– Clazing Poultry Cutting Plant BV, Korte Hei 8 Sprundel (NB). Production of chicken fillet thigh meat and cooked products.


The vision and policy of the company translates into and is aimed at the production of high-quality chicken, chicken parts and chicken products in the full width of the production line.  This is done in the most modern conditions where, in the production process, innovation of equipment is a must and the best available techniques are used.

Production process

The chickens are picked up in consultation with the farmer and the planner. Often our own drivers or regular drivers (employed through regular hired transport companies) transport the animals to the slaughterhouse. Transport and loading is always in accordance with the applicable animal welfare regulations. Before transportation, the first checks regarding animal welfare have already been carried out. After arrival and during temporary storage of the chickens in the waiting areas, these checks continue. All personnel who have to deal with live animals are trained and certified in accordance with EC Regulation 1099/2009.

The complete production process of the slaughter of the chickens is done in one line. After hanging, stunning and cutting, and after exsanguination, the carcasses go to the scalding and plucking department. Here the feathers are removed. In the ready-to-eat department, the carcasses undergo inspection at various times. Always in combination with the organ package belonging to that carcass and under strict supervision of an official veterinarian who is permanently present at the slaughter process. This is followed by the longest step in the entire process; the cooling of the carcasses to below four degrees Celsius.

Finally, the carcass goes to the packaging /cutting department. The chicken will be packed according to customer requirements in crates or boxes, as a whole or cut. It is also possible that customers have our products packed in their own packaging as to present the chicken to their customers in their own boxes.
Finally, the chicken is ready for a trip to the customers. Transport takes place using both our own and hired transport, according to all requirements that apply to such transport.

Quality and Sustainability

We are certified by Lloyds for FSSC22000, by HQC for Halal and by KiwaVerin for IKB.


For transportation, Exportslachterij Clazing have their own transport management systems. They have their own, extensive and well advanced fleet of trucks. For the delivery of the orders they have fourteen trucks, fully conditioned, that drive through almost all of the Western Europe.


We deliver:

  • Fresh whole chicken
  • All parts of the chicken, including organs (deep-frozen is possible)
  • Cooked products (such as hot wings, sandwiches, chicken fingers and chicken strips)