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J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V.

A company with a history since 1962!

In 1962, Jan ter Maten Sr. founded a number of marketplaces to sell fresh chicken products with which he laid the foundation for the family business we know today. In 1970, the business and the locations further expanded by the opening of a poulterer’s shop in Jan ter Maten Senior’s hometown Bunschoten-Spakenburg, which marked the establishment of the family business.

Not much later, in 1980, the first part of the production site on the industrial estate De Kronkels was realized, where the processing of chicken by-products into semi-finished products for the pet food industry started. In 1998, this location expanded and the processing of by-products and the production of separated meat for the snack industry began. In 2015, a new cold store, head office and production location were realized in Haarburg-Zuid in Bunschoten-Spakenburg.

The current management is formed by the sons of the founder (Wouter ter Maten and Willem ter Maten), who own the family business today. J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. distinguishes itself by supplying products of high quality, being flexible and by its customer-friendliness. We always strive for a long-term relationship with our customers where customer-friendliness and honesty are guiding principles.


In addition to the primary activities, J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. also deals with themes such as sustainability. They are continuously developing and improving their products and services. The company focusses on both national and international market developments and does this by, among other things, prioritizing investments, new techniques, new products and a broader service level.

The policy of J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. focuses on reliability, flexibility and the customer. J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. strives for continuity in combination with a customer-oriented approach ‘Customer is King’ is highly valued by us. The production possibilities are also specially designed for this. Within a very short time, J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. is able to produce and deliver.

Customers’ needs, from delivery form (fresh or frozen), to volume, quality and packaging, can be met very quickly.

Production process

The manufacturing process of J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. starts with the delivery of fresh, chilled poultry parts by leading suppliers. After receiving- and quality control, the products are processed with advanced equipment into a range of high-quality poultry (meat) products.

During the processing process, meat and by-products are separated and the end product is freshly delivered the same day, or immediately frozen and ready for the customer.

The processing of products differs per application. MDM is produced by separating the meat from carcasses and backs using high pressure. Processing the products under high pressure results in an end-product that has less structure and is often used when the structure is not important to the end product.

Baader meat is produced by separating the meat from fillets /and or v-bones under low pressure so that the structure of the meat remains intact.

With the manufacturing processes, J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. guarantees quality, specification, texture and taste. This by means of equipment with attention to quality (such as Near Infrared), measurements, metal detectors, inspection systems and checkweighers. Together with this modern equipment, quick processing and flexibility, J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. can offer stable high quality to its customers.

Quality and Sustainability

In order to guarantee the high quality, J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. had its own quality service, supported by independent start laboratories, to check the quality criteria. This way, all raw materials and end products are examined bacteriologically and the end products are continuously chemically monitored using the Near Infrared (NIR) assay that almost continuously yields measurement data. This allows customers of ter Maten to count on the guaranteed quality.

Quality is of paramount importance at J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. They set the bar very high in terms of hygiene and quality. This also means that J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. meets the requirements of leading manufacturers. In addition, J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. works according to ISO and HACCP standards and has AA-grade BRC certification for both her human and pet food production. Furthermore, in addition to this certification, SKAL, the Better life Hallmark, Halal Correct and HQC are also guaranteed.

Quality is not all that is important, sustainability is also a very important theme at J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V.. J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. tries to minimize their impact by exclusively using natural gases with a high efficiency such as CO2 and NH3 cooling installations. Gas consumption is reduced through the use of heat recovery systems and the installation of extensive solar panels. The use of water is also minimized where possible and they reuse waste water. In addition, they use only EUR 6 trucks and frequency-controlled electric motors for transport.


For the distribution of the products, J.A. ter Maten Pluimveebedrijf B.V. uses both its own vehicle fleet and other parties. The modern fleet consists of 10 climate controlled truck / trailer combinations, a tank trailer for fresh bulk deliveries and a number of LHV combinations.


– Chicken/Turkey MDM frozen
– Chicken/Turkey MDM polyblock
– Chicken/Turkey 3MM meat frozen
– Chicken Baader meat white lean frozen
– Chicken Baader meat white frozen
– Chicken hearts
– Chicken liver
– Chicken stomachs
– Chicken necks
– Chicken skins hand sorted
– Chicken backs