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Partners Network

We feed the world!

Partners Networks team has succeeded in starting a company from scratch and growing it to a worldwide operating business. Managed from The Netherlands, containers with poultry, fish, beef, pork, fruit, vegetables and dairy are shipped from one side of the world to the other. This is possible through the diverse group of experts with different nationalities and broad knowledge on legislation and requirements for the exporting and importing countries, who together form the team of Partners Network.

Partners Network’s team consists of members from and located in various countries, adding international market knowledge and expertise. Partners Networks team is comprised of multinational professionals from all over the world connected to the distribution of food products. Because of our extensive knowledge of the market and our experienced team, we can provide accurate, reliable and high level services. At Partners Network, we do what we promise at the best of our abilities. And we do it as a team together with our associates worldwide.

Our team also includes an experienced and professional logistics force who ensures the efficiency and on time delivery of your container.

Our offices abroad are located in Brazil, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, in the Philippines and in the USA, which provide us with even more knowledge on buying and selling the right product with the highest quality. We know the pitfalls, chances and opportunities in the markets, through which we can reduce our risks and keep the performance on a consistently high level.


Partners Network differentiates itself from other traders by creating a worldwide network of partners. Our core competence is managing supply and demand. We purchase, sell and distribute products worldwide. Through our professional team and local global partners, we can respond quickly and effectively to changes in the market and use our knowledge and expertise from the countries and their respective cultures to do our work as efficiently and competently as possible.

Working together with local partners all over the world is an exclusive strength of Partners Network. Our partners are hard-working, motivated and determined to do everything in their power to ensure everything is running smoothly, bringing outstanding quality to the supply chain. They are the eyes and ears of our network. Our local global partners are able to provide us with a detailed understanding of market trends, shortages, delays in production or a rise in demand or supply, as well as the consequences of climate change and diseases that may cause sudden changes in the market. With our diverse country portfolio, we decrease risks related to these changes and we can offer in-depth knowledge for both producer and customer markets through local experienced staff.

We truly act to our philosophy: Think Global, Act Local. It is in our team and in our DNA.

Quality and Sustainability

At Partners Network, we ensure every part of the animal is sold. Not as waste, but as much as possible for human consumption. In this time of worldwide scarcity of animal proteins, it is important nothing goes to waste. Actively looking for markets, which use parts of the animal, which are not usually consumed in Europe, allows for bigger revenue per animal. This reduces the price per product, which benefits the end-consumer.

Good examples are for instance chicken feet. These are not consumed within Europe/Brazil but in China, these are considered a delicacy. Chicken and turkey necks are not consumed in the USA, but are appreciated in South Africa and in Hong Kong. Partners Network makes sure the right product with the proper quality finds its way to the right market.

Partners Network always aims to do the best they can to stay up to date with changing events in our respective markets. One way to do so is by joining sector associations. Sector associations possess a lot of relevant information that they share with members. Furthermore, they carry out research and offer the results to members providing them with a lot of knowledge on the industry. Therefore, Partners Network is a member of a wide variety of organizations, such as the Dutch association for the poultry processing industries and the Dutch red meat association, the International Poultry Council and the South African association for meat importers and exporters.


Not every agricultural product can be produced in every country in the world. Countries need to work together to provide a wide range of safe and wholesome food products for their consumers. Our team is focused on providing products there, where there is scarcity and sourcing products where there is an abundance. Partners Network believes in mutual benefits of trade. Our promise to our network is: “We add value to the chain”. Not just an empty marketing phrase, but also something we put into practice every day.

Our distribution starts at a slaughterhouse, fishing vessel or fruit orchard somewhere in the world. By always buying products from the source, we are able to guarantee the proper quality for our customers. The transport by land, sea or air is organized, guided and monitored by us. Our partners do not have to worry about the complex administration, which always accompanies international transport. Our international logistic specialists control these down to the last detail. The roots of these logistical experts of Partners Network lay all over the world. This gives us great power to ensure smooth continuation of transport. Does a discussion with a customs officer in Mumbai rise? Our supply chain specialist speaking Hindi will solve this within an instant.


The team of Partners Network consists of many specialists, each focused on their own markets and product groups. This allows us to provide you with any product you might be searching for. Our team is happy to help you in determining which products and origins are the best for your request. We are specialized in assisting companies to gain access to new markets, creating new opportunities for your business.

Our product range varies from poultry meat, pork and beef, to dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables and French fries. Any origin, product or specifics you require, just let us know and our team will arrange it for you!