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Plukon Food Group

One of the larger players in the market for poultry meat in Europe!

Plukon is one of the larger players in the market for poultry meat in Europe, with no fewer than 11 poultry slaughterhouses and 8 processing and packaging locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Poland.


The business strategy is focused on innovation, improving efficiency and working closely with retailers and industrial customers in which sustainability plays a key role. Plukon strives for a good balance between people, animals, the environment and profitability.

Plukon works on innovative and knowledge driven solutions that meet the wishes of the current and future customers. This approach is the driving force behind Plukon’s ambitions.

Production process

Plukon’s production locations are equipped with efficient, reliable and innovative slaughter and production lines. Plukon considers animal welfare to be of paramount importance in these production processes. For this reason, Plukon has been supplying its slaughterhouses with gas stunning systems for years. Plukon also wants to take the lead with new technological developments. By using (air) cooling systems, Plukon strives for the best product performance in the microbiological field. Furthermore, Plukon has great freezing facilities that allow products to be frozen very quickly in order to guarantee the product quality.

Quality and Sustainability

To produce chicken meat, an IKB (Integrated Chain Management) requirement is imposed for the entire process: from breeding farm, the hatchery, the poultry farmer, the slaughterhouse to the packer. Every step has to comply with strict IKB standards.

Furthermore, Plukon Food Group stands for improving the environmental friendliness of all companies. Plukon is working on reducing the use of energy and water and many projects are being initiated to take steps regarding the environmental pillar.

In many areas, Plukon is at the forefront of innovations and goes along with the latest insights. For example, Plukon focuses on healthy animals with less use of antibiotics, early nutrition for chicks is a priority and at Plukon it is possible to purchase full non-GMO products.


Plukon complies with a number of national quality standards such as IKB Kip (the Netherlands), Belplume (Belgium) and QS (Germany). The rules of these standards apply to the entire production chain, from breeding farm to slaughterhouse to cutting plant. The food safety standard for all of Plukon’s production locations are certified according to the food safety schemes approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI is an initiative of the international retail for global harmonization of the assurance of food safety. The quality systems of Plukon are built according to the HACCP approach. HACCP systems systematically search for the critical points that influence the safety of the end product (chicken products and meals). Based on this risk identification, health risks for the consumer can be reduced.

New Farming Concepts

Plukon gladly offers its customers the choice(s) that best suits the customer’s target group. With the following four broiler farming concepts, Plukon can further react to specific needs and requirements at individual customer level, whereby mutual commitment is a prerequisite for a successful partnership.

Regular Chicken

Regular chicken meat scores excellent on food safety, affordability and ecological sustainability. In comparison with other meats, this meat has the lowest CO₂-footprint; https://www.plukonfoodgroup.com/livestock-farming/regular-chicken/

Good Brood Chicken

The Good Brood Chicken is a slow growing chicken. Within the concept, extra attention is paid to the reduction of antibiotics, responsible feed and the living environment of the chickens;

Free-range Chicken

Plukon, in collaboration with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, has started a Beter Leven (Better Life) chicken. Free-range chicken complies with the EU standards for free range and has a unique covered outlet at our poultry farms. Plukon’s free-range chicken falls within the specifications of the 1 star Beter Leven program of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals;

Organic Chicken

Plukon has a chain of farm companies in the Belgian Ardennes and France that meet the strict requirements of organic poultry farming. The chickens are fed with only organic feed that is adjusted to slow growth. The organic chicken from Plukon is valued with 3 stars in the Beter Leven program of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals;


Plukon feels co-responsible for every part of the chain. They ensure controlled transport for both live chickens and the chilled end product. Plukon is at the forefront when it comes to innovative planning systems and logistical solutions. Everything to get the product to the store shelves as fresh as possible. The KuikenaeR, part of Plukon Food Group, is an important link in the supply chain from farm to fork. In its role as supply chain manager, the KuikenaeR guarantees the daily quantity and quality of the supply of broilers to every Plukon poultry slaughterhouse in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland.


Plukon buys and sells poultry meat (products) on the world market. About 8.5 million broilers are slaughtered every week and processed into a diverse range of fresh, frozen and processed meat products. Plukon also supplies fresh ready-to-eat meals ‘ready to eat ‘ and ‘ready to cook’, meal salads, rotisserie and meal components.

The accredited Plukon Food Group Laboratory conducts microbiological, chemical and shelf life studies for Plukon’s companies, hatcheries and poultry farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland. The laboratory plays an important role in the prevention, detection and eradication of campylobacter, salmonella and listeria.

Many of Plukon’s products are sold at retailers under that stores own brand. In addition, Plukon itself also has a number of brands, each with its own focus, for example; Friki, Maiski, Stolle and Fairmast.