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Trinity Poultry Processing

Trinity Trade BV is our trading company based in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands

Trinity Trade BV is our trading company based in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands and is specialized in the purchase and sales of various types of foodstuffs. Trinity Trade BV is primarily responsible for all purchases and sales of products produced by Trinity GmbH in Bad Bentheim-Gildehaus, Germany. In addition, Trinity Trade BV trades its complete poultry range through its extensive network of suppliers.

Trinity Trade BV traditionally has a strong relationship with Eastern European countries, but they have expanded their sales of food products all over the world. The focus is on chicken meat (products), turkey, duck and goose. Our team consists of experienced professionals in the meat sector, therefore we are an expert partner for our customers. Furthermore, we can provide all the necessary health certificates, trade documents and transport documents which ensures that shipments can be executed quickly and efficiently. We deal with customs formalities without intervention of third parties, using our own ATLAS export system (EDI) that connects us online with the customs office. We have our own cold store with a capacity of 5,000 tons at our production plant in Germany, therefore we control the freezing process and storage. Please contact us to see what we can do for you.

For more information about the activities and products of our production company Trinity GmbH you can visit www.trinitymeat.com


By systematically broadening our horizons and considering innovation as a core, Trinity strives to reach a perfect balance between price/quality and delivery conditions at all times. In combination with over a 100 year of experience in the world of meats, Trinity is a competitive player on a global scale. By continuing to innovate and to look ahead we make sure to help our customers in the best way possible to provide the best product and delivery.

Production process

Under guidance of Dutch food specialists, the purchasing and sales department operates from our location in Oldenzaal (NL). Our high-quality meat and animal oil production takes place at our German location just across the border in Bad Bentheim. We also have our own internal cold store with a capacity of 5,000 tons.

We receive supplies of fresh raw materials from reputable and certified European slaughterhouses 7 days a week. All incoming raw materials undergo strict inspection, after which we process the products within 24 hours.

By using high-quality new production processes, we are one of the most important links between farmer and consumer. Raw materials used for production are tested on arrival, both on a visual and microbiological level. This in order to be able to continue to offer a fixed and high quality.

Quality and Sustainability

Trinity produces under the strict rules and requirements of IFS 6 Higher Food level, Halal, QS and GMP+. By using both internal and external quality services Trinity is able to deliver continuous high-quality products. Systems like FOSS-FOOD make measuring of fat/protein and water possible during the production, which means we are able to deliver a homogeneous product.

By means of heat released from our cooling installations, all our residual water is used to heat 350,000 litres of water a week which is usable for any cleaning within the production process/ cleaning of the building/ trailers/ bins.

This is strictly maintained by our energy management system.


Since the beginning, Trinity has been using a house carrier.


Since 2003 Trinity has originally been active as a trading company, nowadays Trinity is specialized in the production of high-quality food products from chicken, turkey, duck and goose. Furthermore, we also produce oil/fat products. The average weekly production is approximately 3000 tons of end product.

Trinity specializes in the production of high-quality semi-finished products for further processing. In addition, Trinity packs some 500-600 tons of technical parts per week that are exported to Asia, West Africa and South America. Finally, Trinity produces different kinds of oils/fats for human consumption which can be used for different end products. For example, to add flavour to a sausage/nugget or as a meal component.

Thanks to the strict canalization, we at Trinity are also able to supply Halal approved products.